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LED or Incandescent Lighting?

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LED Lighting

LEDs are gaining popularity and we install more and more of them every year. They're brighter than the incandescent bulbs, give you a few more options for colors, and are a more modern lighting option.

LED House Multi Color

Bulb Size

We install LEDs bulbs in 2 sizes.

C7 or C9 Bulb Size

Bulb Colors

You have a variety of colors to choose from, and keep in mind you can mix and match to make all sorts of fun color patterns.

LED Bulb Colors

White LED Colors

For white lights in the LEDs, there are three options. Warm white is the most popular, followed closely by Pure White.

LED White Colors

Pros and Cons of LED Lights

There are always positives and drawbacks to options. We've listed the ones we've heard for LEDs working with them over the years. Ultimately, the look you want will be a big part of your light type choice. If you're going for more modern, brighter lights, LEDs are the way to go.

Pros of LEDs

  • Energy Efficient
  • Brighter Lights
  • Lower watt draw, so we can run more bulbs on one string

Cons of LEDs

  • Plastic bulb casing can fade over years of use
  • Not as "warm" and natural a color as incandescent bulbs
  • More expensive bulbs means higher overall lighting cost.

INC Lighting

Incandescent (INC) bulbs are the classic, retro look. They have a warm tone from the filament and the INC clears are still the bulb we install the most of by far. They draw more power than their LEDs competitors but are significantly cheaper up front. If you're going for a classic Christmas look, this is the way to go.

Incandescent House Clear Bulbs

Bulb Size

We can install INC bulbs in the same 2 sizes, C7 & C9.

Bulb Size

Bulb Colors

Keep in mind that you can mix and match colors as well. If you have questions, ask us about popular patterns.

Incandescent Bulb Colors

Pros and Cons of Incandescent Lights

INC bulbs are a regular filament, so they do draw more power than their LED counterparts. However, most people we work with choose them because the light they emit looks more natural.

Pros of Incandescent

  • Natural, warm light
  • Cheaper than LEDs
  • Readily available supply

Cons of Incandescent

  • Draw more watts, so we are careful how we run the lights (this we handle for you)
  • Not as bright as LEDs
  • Use more power than the LEDs
  • Fewer colors to choose from


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