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LED Holiday Lighting

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LED Lighting

LED House Multi Color

Bulb Size

We install LEDs in the C9 size. This is the actual size of the bulb for reference.

C9 Bulb Size

Bulb Colors

LED bulbs are available in red/blue/green/orange/yellow. We can do a multi color with all those colors or we can mix and match the colors with one of the whites below. If you have seen a house you like or have ideas, send us some pictures or chat with us about what you're thinking and we can make recommendations or give you a few ideas.

White LED Colors

For white lights in the LEDs, there are two options -- Warm White and Pure White.

LED White Colors

LED Lights

LED bulbs are bright, reliable and safe. We use the most modern commercial LED lighting on the market. We can arrange them in any traditional color pattern or custom color patterns if you would like. Talk to us about what look you're trying to achieve and we can offer recommedations based on our expereience.

LEDs are:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Brighter Lights
  • Lower watt draw, so we can run more bulbs on one string


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